Submission Deadline:
October 2nd, 2017 11:59 pm (JST)

Sampling Challenge

Submission Deadline: October 2nd, 2017 11:59 pm (JST) Sampling Challenge We are accepting entries for the latest in our “Challenge” series: Sampling Challenge,
a compilation of songs created entirely from samples planned for release at the Fall 2017 M3 event.

The submission guidelines are as follows:
- Must be an original track (no genre restriction) created with the provided sounds
- Must not use any other patches or instruments
- Must be between three and six minutes in length

Any entries found to have used samples illegally will be disqualified.
Given the premise of this challenge, noticing any violations should be exceedingly simple.

We solely reserve the right to decide selections for the album, although we may request the opinion of other parties.

No one will be commissioned for this album, and all songs chosen are planned to be released in a modified form for free.
(Even in this case, we will provide the standard gratuity to the artists.)

These guidelines may change without notice.

Finally, we wish to thank the following artists for providing the samples for this challenge:
2koto3koto, Atomic, b, carmine, D-Fener, doku, Junk, LuL, maozon,
MYTK, naotyu-, Naturegraph, poplica*, RIN, Sakuzyo, satella, sweez,
syzfonics, tigerlily, Tsukishiro Hikari, void, Yamajet, & Yoshida Kei.
The samples are sourced from the tracks in works and works.2.