Submission Deadline:
Oct. 20th, 2019 11:59 pm (JST)

Garage Challenge

We are now accepting submissions for a compilation album of garage music planned for release at the Fall 2019 M3 event.
The guidelines are as follows:

- Must fall within the genre of garage, UK garage, 2-step, or grime
- Must be an original, unreleased piece (no extended versions of previous releases or tracks submitted to past contests by Diverse System or other organizations)
- Must be no longer than five minutes in length

Any entries found to have used samples illegally will be immediately disqualified.

Although the definitions of the genre are open to interpretation, we ask entrants to use their best judgment. Any piece we feel does not suit the style will not be accepted.

We solely reserve the right to decide selections for the album, although we may request the opinion of other parties.

Also, in the case we do to receive enough suitable entries, the contest will be cancelled and we will not release the album. Please bear this in mind.