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STRONGLY,AGAIN. : 2015/12/31 : Comic Market 89 3rd day : 東A-80b


Comick Market 89 3rd day
東A-80b “Diverse System”

New Release:
AD:TRANCE 5 : 1,500yen
ZHELENAUGHT : Feryquitous 1st solo album : 1,000yen
Last Dance : Sakuzyo 4th solo album : 1,000yen
World Fragments : xi 3rd solo album : 1,000yen

Parousia : xi 1st solo album : 1,000yen
Agartha : xi 2nd solo album : 1,000yen
以上2作品は100sec Records様の許諾を受け、Diverse Systemの責任管理の元での再販となります。

Old Release:
AD:TECHNO 2 : 1,000yen
fig.2 -SINGULARITY- : 1,000yen
BADASS : 1,000yen
AD:HOUSE 4 : 1,500yen
AD:PIANO VIVACE : 1,000yen
AD:EDM4 : 1,500yen
Future Challenge : 1,000yen

1会計につき1枚、「Triangle EP」を差し上げます。

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